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Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious? Feeling stuck, depressed or unable to move forward? Are you avoiding and disconnecting from others? At York Region Stress and Anxiety Clinic we are here to help! We offer therapeutic services to adults, parents, teens, children, couples, and families who are struggling to find balance and harmony. Our compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated Registered Psychotherapists will help you get back on track. We will help you to better understand your problems, develop a treatment plan that supports your needs, and teach you the necessary skills to create long lasting positive change.

Our mission at York Region Stress and Anxiety Clinic is to:

To provide a safe & respectful environment.
To help you access your own insight with therapeutic support, compassion and care.
To be a witness to your experience and an advocate for your future.
To hold hope that life can transform for you.
To watch you as you live a meaningful life.


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Video & Telephone Counselling

In consideration, of the recent concerns for COVID-19, York Region Stress and Anxiety Clinic is offering ongoing secure video and telephone counselling. York Region Stress and Anxiety Clinic is committed to supporting you and your mental health through these trying times.

Online therapy works much in the same way as traditional talk therapy. Practising telehealth may allow you to explore events from your childhood, explore issues using various therapeutic modalities, learn coping skills and practice mindfulness meditation techniques.  Online therapy can be used for ongoing therapeutic sessions when meeting face-to-face isn’t possible.

Whether you’re looking to continue therapy or start therapy for the first time, video or phone sessions are available for you from the comfort and safety of your home or office.

Anna Sousa


Anna has been counseling children, adults and families for over ten years. Her casual and gentle approach is client-centered, compassionate and caring. She is culturally sensitive, non-judgmental and accepting. Anna believes that there are times in life when a caring hand is just what is needed.

Robyn Schachter

M.Ed, C.Hyp, CT, RP

Robyn’s compassionate, non-judgmental, solution oriented support is grounded in her years of experience working with people. Robyn’s approach is strength based, client centred and culturally sensitive.

• Marital Counseling
• Anger Management
• Individual Counseling
• Parenting Programs
• Stress Disorders
• Addictions

Self Esteem
• Depression/Anxiety
• Managing Emotions
• Domestic Violence
• Trauma and Post Traumatic
• Clinical Supervisor

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