I provide a safe, supportive space for clients to explore thoughts and feelings that create present reality. My many years of counselling have shown me that most people have inner resources that are not visible to them, preferring to focus on familiar, yet unknown, beliefs and behaviours. I draw on my professional training to assist in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, and conflict within families and couples. My aim to is facilitate healing, and wellness to move forward in life with confidence and enthusiasm. I am culturally sensitive and open-minded. Phone and video sessions provided: 416-428-6071.

My approach is strength based and client-centered. I focus on client’s needs using a psycho-dynamic perspective- the past influences the present and creates the future. I assist in breaking established patterns of behaviour that, while familiar, do not give the desired results- living life fully! At times, the only thing that’s needed is a listening ear.

I bring creativity and intuition to the therapeutic process, helping to create self awareness and Personal strengths to work through challenges. I have an interest in spirituality and “shadow work” as both the challenge and the solution – that which is unknown is often that which will bring growth and peace.

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