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It’s natural to worry during stressful times. But some people feel tense and anxious day after day, even with little to worry about. When this lasts for 6 months or longer, or you have more anxious days than not, it may be a generalised anxiety disorder. Many people don’t know they have it. So they may miss out on treatments that lead to a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Anxiety can range from mild nervousness and stress to intense feelings of panic and dread. Anxiety is a normal reaction to a perceived stressor although when it becomes overwhelming, excessive, uncontrollable, and often times irrational, it is considered a mood disorder.

The signs and symptoms of anxiety that needs counseling include; heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, nausea, stomach aches, sweating, trembling, and pupillary dilation. Panic attacks may cause one to feel like they’ll lose consciousness, they’re about to die, or there’s something dreadful that’s going to happen. Anticipated anxiety might develop into a phobias which is an intense fear in response to a perceived stressor: for example, agoraphobia is a fear of public spaces, and claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed or crowded spaces.

People who have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) may also develop depression, alcoholism, or drug addiction. It’s also common for people with GAD to have other anxiety disorders. These can include panic disorder, post traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social phobias.

Information Regarding Benefits Plans:

If you are going to be using benefits for therapy, please check your policy. It is the responsibility of the client to understand their policy before starting therapy.York Region Stress and Anxiiety Clinic is covered under the title of Registered Psychotherapists. We are  supervised by a Registered Registered Social Worker, We can provide benefits under the services of Psychotherapy and MSW (Social Worker).

Payment is to be received at each session. Mastercard, Visa, Cash, Cheque and Debit accepted.

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