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Group Classes


Group work can provide opportunity for awareness on how one works in relation to others.  This happens as group cohesion is developed and members become more comfortable interacting with each other. Often patterns of behaviour become apparent and therefore can be altered and adjusted.  Groups can provide an opportunity to try out new ways of interacting with others because of the safety that is produced by the members and the therapist.

Art therapy groups:
The use of  art making as language can offer an opportunity to address and bring to the surface feelings and situations more easily. The visual language of art making can provide insight where words fail, adding another dimension of communication.

Adolescent groups:
Begin mid- September, 2018 with focus on social skills, relationship with self and others. Please call 416-428-6071 to reserve your spot.

Information Regarding Benefits Plans:

If you are going to be using benefits for therapy, please check your policy. It is the responsibility of the client to understand their policy before starting therapy.York Region Stress and Anxiiety Clinic is covered under the title of Registered Psychotherapists. We are  supervised by a Registered Registered Social Worker, We can provide benefits under the services of Psychotherapy and MSW (Social Worker).

Payment is to be received at each session. Mastercard, Visa, Cash, Cheque and Debit accepted.

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